About me

Studied History of Art and Philosophy at the University of Heidelberg/Germany

Part of the studies included publications and television projects, study visits and photography projects in: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Greece, France, Italy, Egypt and the Middle East…

Since 1987 resident in Tuscany – management of courses in expressive dance and culture of the Middle East.

Helgard Wertel lives and works in Tuscany, Heidelberg/Germany and Lanzarote.

Solo exhibitions (selection)

  • Galerie „Bianconero“ Heidelberg/Deutschland
  • Escuela d’arte „Leonardo da Vinci“ Barcelona/Spanien
  • Galeria „Il Fitto“ Cecina (Livorno)/Italien
  • „Laboratorio d’arte contemporanea“ Montescudaio (Pisa)/Italien
  • Palazzo Marini Rosignano Mmo.(Livorno)/Italien
  • Casa de cultura “Benito Perez Armas”  Yaiza , Lanzarote/Spain

Group exhibitions (selection)

  • documenta „Kunst und Medien“ Kassel/Deutschland mit Harry Kramer
  • Castello di Canneto (Pisa)/Italien
  • M’arte duemilatredici – Biennale d’arte contemporanea Montegemoli (Pisa)/Italien
  • Casa de cultura „Benito Perez Armas“ Yaiza Lanzarote/Spanien